Winter Skin Care-Hydrating Line

Winter Skin Care-Hydrating Line

Only one faceIs your skin feeling dry this winter? Dry skin is especially common during the winter because of the cool and dry air outside. The water in your skin evaporates more quickly leaving your dry, flakey and tight. We have a perfect solution, our Hydrating Skin Care Line. The Hydrating Skin Care Line moisturizes, comforts and softens dull, dry, dehydrated skin. With natural extracts and oils, the products will leave your skin feeling renewed, smooth, soft and healthier looking. There are four products in the Hydrating Line.

Hydrating Cleanser

Our Hydrating Cleanser is a gentle, emollient cleanser that helps dissolve dull surface cells while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. This cleanser can be used in the morning and night to cleanse your face.

Hydrating Toner

Our Hydrating Toner is an alcohol-free toner that hydrates dry skin while toning and refining. This Toner also softens and conditions your skin as it sweeps away makeup and impurities and can also be used in the morning and night.

Hydrating Protection

Our Hydrating Protection is a light daily moisturizer containing Broad Spectrum SPF 30 which protects against sun damage and premature aging. This moisturizer will instantly soften and sooth your dry winter skin and is perfect to apply in the morning after using the Hydrating Cleanser and Toner.

Hydrating Cream Extreme

Our Hydrating Cream Extreme is a rich cream with intense, long lasting hydration. This moisturizer is perfect for night time use or when your skin is extremely dry and dehydrated. It can be used with the Hydrating Protection SPF for extra hydration during the day.

These skin care products can be purchased online, over the phone or instore. Order today so your skin can feel hydrated once again.

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