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Elaine is a MASTER OF COLOR!

With over 31 years of experience, she is truly an artist and transforms the client’s confidence. 100% recommend.
– P. Lins, Arlington, TX

“I have been a client of Elaine’s for over 20 years. When I first went to Elaine, it was to sharpen my overall image and boost my confidence for my newly appointed executive position with a major, local corporation. When I retired and relocated from Fort Worth to Atlanta, I continued renewing my products with Elaine, which were still working well for me. Recently, in preparation for a special event, I asked Elaine if we could do an update via Zoom. Obviously, I have aged over those 20 years and I was looking to refresh and update accordingly. The Zoom update worked perfectly. Elaine walked me through all my existing products and how to adjust their application to the best benefit. Those adjustments worked wonders. The event was my wedding anniversary party held just this weekend and I received so many compliments – one especially noted  that I was simply “glowing”. Thank you Elaine!”

– Marilyn D, Altanta, GA

“It was such a pleasure meeting with you! I so admire your passion for improving the lives of others; I benefited twice with the life-changing process. I also so appreciated you taking time to talk through your method for packing/preparing for long travel trips. I feel completely prepared with my refreshed colors and capsule wardrobe to tackle the next chapter.”

With Gratitude,

-Wendy M

“I had to take a moment to thank you for your incredible Lip Stay product. I had no idea when I started using the product several months ago how valuable it would be to me in my makeup bag during our current mask wearing environment!! I still want to look my best, even wearing my mask.  Lip Stay stays in place and doesn’t come off on the inside of the mask. It has become my very favorite lip color.”

– Carole Borg

I am thrilled I saw you for an update since age has taken me in a “new direction” since we updated my colors 10 years ago!! My new colors are altered enough that it makes a big difference in the end “product” because my eyes have changed, my hair has changed and my skin has changed-in ten years!! Thank you for sharing immense talent with me- it’s a real morale booster! I hope you can tell others how important that color update is as we are aging.

– Mimi, Fort Worth, Texas

“Elaine was sweet, patient, and very pleasant. She came up with a super simple routine that wouldn’t overwhelm me, and I’ve received compliments any time I wear the makeup.”

Arthi Rajarathinam

“I purchased their Color-Style Package and I believe it was well worth the time and money spent, as it is an investment into my image for many years to come.”

– G. Dallas TX

“Elaine and Peggy did a fantastic job consulting me on make-up color and application techniques. They customize their recommendations to the client’s skin type, coloring, and desired look. I highly their professional expertise.”

– Jayme B. Arlington TX

“I’m very impressed with her talent. In short, the color analysis part was very fun and informative. I learned a lot about the best colors for me. The best part is she sent me MY COLOR FAN so that I can use it for my future shopping. I LOVE IT!!!!

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: Elaine wrote everything about our session in the book, so you don’t need to worry that you’re going to forget things. She gave me A LOT of new information. Overall, I had a great time in my session with Stoltz Image Consulting. I’ll come back for more consulting. Thank you so much for what you do!”

– Gigi C.

I received my color fan on Thursday of last week and it is so helpful. It has given me a perfect place to start reassessing my wardrobe. It’s not so hard to retire clothing now that I can see that their colors aren’t right for me. I’m using the makeup, and it’s amazing what a difference just a little bit makes. I especially enjoy the fact that the foundation is such a perfect match and that the lip color is so flattering.

– Jane, Fort Worth, Texas

“They took my allergies seriously, which allowed me to feel safe and comfortable.

I’ve always had an attachment to my long hair, and Elaine recommended that I cut it to my collar bone. Elaine’s knowledge of style and warm personality allowed me to follow through with her recommendations. Since the cut, I’ve received many compliments!”

– Tammy, California

“I highly recommend Elaine Stoltz with Stoltz Image Consulting. After hearing about my daughter’s wonderful experience with Elaine, I made sure to book an appointment in advance when I knew I would be visiting my daughter in the DFW area. At the appointment, I was worried if I was going to be able to try on any of the makeup products due to my serious allergies to some ingredients commonly found in beauty products.   Elaine and Peggy went out of their way to verify the ingredients in each product to ensure it was safe for me to use or to avoid. They took my allergies seriously, which allowed me to feel safe and comfortable. I’ve always had an attachment to my long hair, and Elaine recommended that I cut it to my collar bone. Elaine’s knowledge of style and warm personality allowed me to follow through with her recommendations. Since the cut, I’ve received many compliments! Elaine held up many colors to my face and picked out the best ones. She also picked out the best makeup colors and taught me how to apply the makeup.  I felt beautiful! Then I had my style consultation and Elaine taught me what clothing cuts and styles would look best on my body shape. This was invaluable knowledge as she gave me the independence to be able to shop on my own. In fact, I just bought a dress online and used my new knowledge to pick out this dress. Throughout this whole experience, Elaine and her team had phenomenal customer service! After the appointment, I was sent a customized color fan that I used in my closet to determine the clothes that were not the right colors for me and donated those clothes. It’s been five months since the consultation appointment, and I continue to receive compliments on the makeup and hairstyle that I have implemented from Elaine’s recommendations. In conclusion, when looking for a color analyst and body style analyst I highly recommend Elaine Stoltz and her team for all your needs! The investment and knowledge gained was totally worth it!!!”

Tammy Raizes

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