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Faq & Help

Why do I need an image consultant?

Image consultants aren’t just for the rich and famous. First Impressions are important to everyone. Remember you have just 5 seconds to make a positive first impression. Can you afford NOT to work with an image consultant? Investing in your image is imperative to success in life, relationships and work. It’s important to feel attractive every single day. Feeling beautiful isn’t just for special occasions. When you look good, you feel good!

Will you judge me and my messy closet?

Absolutely not! We are here to help. We promise to be kind and gentle with our suggestions. Rest assured, we will be honest though! If that shirt is just too big or the color is all-wrong, we will tell you. After all, when you work with Stoltz Image Consulting, your image is our image. Therefore, it’s extremely important to us that you look your best.

I can work with a personal stylist at some of my favorite stores for free. Why should I hire you?

We don’t work on commission, so we are not bound to select clothes for you at any particular store. We shop at ALL the stores to give you a personalized, unique and perfectly styled look.
We personally select each piece of your wardrobe so everything will mix and match. We evaluate every outfit for color, line and design, selecting items that best accentuate your own personal coloring, body shape and style.

What if I can't remember what pieces you put together or how you created an outfit?

We offer our “styling outfits” as digital photos of each outfit perfectly accessorized. Photos include everything from shoes to accessories and a purse. With your new photo digital album, all you have to do when you select your clothes for the day, is flip through your photos and choose an outfit.

What age is your typical client? Am I too old or too young?

We work with all ages! We have worked with everyone from pre-teens to 80+ year olds. It’s never too early or too late to look your best. One of our favorite clients was a beautiful blushing bride, in her late 70’s, who wanted to look her best for her wedding day. We also work with many young college students who are getting ready for their first real interview and need to know how to dress professionally yet fashionably. We enjoys working with all ages and can relate to anyone from young to old.

We endow our clients with the tools they need to invest in their image and dress confidently for success. Our firm is located on South Hulen Street across from Hulen Mall, just minutes from downtown Fort Worth,Texas.