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Cosmetic Makeover

The Business of Beauty

We’re in the business of beauty, and Stoltz Image skincare and cosmetics are unparalleled. Stoltz Image carries an abundance of flattering, hand-selected hues and shades that won’t fade at first blush. Curious to learn more?


Elaine’s professional line of cosmetic products is of the highest quality and accommodates all skin types. She researched many of the industry’s top vendors for quality products and has the latest technology necessary to meet your needs and expectations.


Stoltz Image Cosmetics Include:


    • Lip products in various formulas and shades
    • Custom-blended powder and foundation
    • Tinted primers and mineral liquid powders
    • Blushes in a variety of colors and formulas
    • Matte and satin eye shadow colors
    • Eyeliners and mascaras
    • Brushes and application tools
    • Convenient packaging to fit any lifestyle


Stoltz Image also offers a plethora of skincare products to match and enhance all skin types. Elaine makes skincare recommendations to meet needs as unique as you are. These products are the latest in skincare technology and have proven effective when used correctly.


Elaine’s highest priority is you. During a cosmetic makeover, she gives you undivided, individualized attention, and provides honest, experienced, educationally-based advice to help you feel confident yet comfortable. Worried about not being able to replicate your new look at home? Elaine’s got you covered. She instructs and teaches you step-by-step the best way to use the suggested products.

Current clients receive 2 complimentary cosmetic makeovers yearly.

Cosmetic makeover lesson: $200 in products

All skincare and cosmetics can also be easily ordered online through our online store

“I have been a client of Elaine’s for over 20 years. When I first went to Elaine, it was to sharpen my overall image and boost my confidence for my newly appointed executive position with a major, local corporation. When I retired and relocated from Fort Worth to Atlanta, I continued renewing my products with Elaine, which were still working well for me. Recently, in preparation for a special event, I asked Elaine if we could do an update via Zoom. Obviously, I have aged over those 20 years and I was looking to refresh and update accordingly. The Zoom update worked perfectly. Elaine walked me through all my existing products and how to adjust their application to the best benefit. Those adjustments worked wonders. The event was my wedding anniversary party held just this weekend and I received so many compliments – one especially noted  that I was simply “glowing”. Thank you Elaine!” 
Marilyn D.