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Stoltz Image Consulting is the creative brainchild of Elaine Stoltz and inspires clients to feel and look beautiful.

Elaine Stoltz, a Certified Image Master, founded Stoltz Image Consulting over thirty years ago to offer personal image services to women.  She is world renown for her Custom Color Analysis helping individuals know what colors are most flattering.  Personal color analysis and body style analysis are her most sought after services and is packaged as her Bronze Image Package.  Along with her custom personal color analysis she is an expert at selecting the best cosmetics colors and skin care for them using her own customized, branded products.

In addition Elaine assists her clients with their wardrobe and styles outfits for them continually using digital technology. You can sign up for one of her packages so that she is at your beckoned call to make sure you are well dressed everyday. Elaine endows her clients with the tools they need to invest in their image and dress confidently for success. 

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Services for Women

Looking fabulous is all about being effortlessly beautiful all day, every day. It’s about making a positive first impression. Stop making expensive mistakes on clothing purchases and start making the most out of your wardrobe. Learn what colors and clothing styles are most flattering on you.

Whatever your image needs are, Stoltz Image Consulting can help. Seize the opportunity to make a fabulous first impression. Invest in your image.

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Services for Women
Our Image Services are all about being effortlessly beautiful all day, every day. It's about making a positive first impression.
Color Analysis
Color Analysis is the first step in looking fabulous everyday. My custom color analysis system is the most advanced available in the world.
Classes are taught by the Institute’s founder, Elaine Stoltz, AICI CIM, one of only fifteen Certified Image Masters in the world and a published author. Elaine Stoltz has been working as an image consultant over 30 years. Her personal experience of running a profitable image consulting studio enhances all of her classes as students learn from her great accomplishments in the image consulting industry.
Stoltz Image Consulting
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Elaine is one of fifteen Certified Image Masters in the world, with over 30 years experience working with and training people around the world…

She has extremely visual acuity and uses this talent of seeing color, line, and design to create unique, chic and perfectly flawless outfits for her clients. She is an expert consultant in the custom color analysis, wardrobe selection, body shape, as well as hair and makeup…