Custom Personal Color Analysis

Do you know the difference between beautiful colors and colors that make you beautiful?

Custom Personal Color Analysis

You are unique and so is your coloring. Your flattering colors are unique to you. Elaine learned 30 years ago that categorizing color analysis such as the “Four Seasons” is not a valid way of selecting beautiful colors for someone.  Learn your most flattering colors that compliment your skin, hair, and eyes. Wearing your best colors can make you look younger and feel more confident than ever. Let the beautiful YOU step forward.

Virtual Custom Personal Color Analysis

Elaine offers a virtual custom color analysis and feels that she has perfected the process. You receive the same fabric color fan and have a phone conversation with Elaine discussing how to use the fan. The difference is that instead of travel a long distance, you have to send Elaine numerous close-up photos of your eyes, hair, and skin tone. From those photos, she determined your exact eye color, hair color, and skin tone. Once you agree that those are good body colors, Elaine pulls colors that are in harmony with those body colors. She makes recommendations on cosmetic colors but cannot perform a cosmetic makeover lesson or create a foundation color.

If this sounds great email ( or call 817-924-8300 to talk with Elaine.


What happens during a color analysis?

Stoltz Image Consultants start with over 2,000 color fabric samples and select over 100 best for you. A customized color analysis is the only way to find your flattering colors.
You receive a personalized fan of color fabric swatches that creates your own color personality. You can take the fan with you when shopping for clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home decorating and even your stationary..
Your eyes are taught to see color as a Stoltz Image Consultant does. You learn how to determine if a color is in harmony with your color fan, and you will be able to go to a store and eliminate 75% of the items that are not the right color for you.
For women, the consultation includes a skin care assessment, a cosmetic makeover, and a custom-blended foundation.
Hair color must be in harmony with your skin tone. Therefore, hair color recommendations are given for color treated hair. This includes all-over color and/or highlights/lowlights.
Color recommendations are given for all accessories including shoes, purses, jewelry, and eyewear.
Recommendations are made for your best dark neutrals and light neutrals.