Color Analysis

Do you know the difference between beautiful colors and colors that make you beautiful?

Color Analysis

You are unique and so is your coloring. Learn how to select the right colors for your skin, hair, and eyes. Wearing the right colors can make you look younger and feel more confident than ever. Let the beautiful YOU step forward.

What happens during a color analysis?

StoltzZinke Image Consultants start with over 2,000 color samples and select the 100 best for you. A customized color analysis is the only way to find your right colors.
You receive a personalized fan of color swatches that you can take with you when shopping for clothing, accessories, or cosmetics.
Your eyes are taught to see color as a Stoltz Image Consultant does. You learn how to determine if a color is in harmony with your color fan, and you will be able to go to a store and eliminate 75% of the items that are not the right color for you.
For women, the consultation includes a skin care assessment, a cosmetic makeover, and a custom-blended foundation.
Hair color recommendations are given for color treated hair. This includes all-over color and/or highlights/lowlights.
Color recommendations are given for all accessories including shoes, purses, jewelry, and eyewear.
Recommendations are made for your best dark neutrals and light neutrals.

Body Style Analysis

Do you dislike certain aspects of your body and find it difficult to shop for clothes? Learn how to choose the right clothing for your body. All bodies are unique and beautiful. The secret is to de-emphasize the parts of your body that make you feel self-conscience and focus on your assets. Every person’s body has assets.

With the resulting measurements, StoltzZinke Image Consultants will help you to determine which clothing styles, proportions, lengths, fabrics, and accessories are right for your body.
You will receive a customized body style portfolio with illustrations that show not only which styles look best on you, but also which styles to avoid.
You will learn how to combine different lengths and shapes to create flattering outfits.
Includes hair style and length suggestions.