Summer Travel Trips

Summer Travel Trips

(Written by Lauren, TCU Intern) With the current bag restrictions on airplanes, it’s time to evaluate your packing habits. I will never forget the first cruise I took which lasted 14 days. I was used to only taking luggage that I could carry or pull myself which meant that I took 1 carry-on suitcase and one checked bag. I felt fine about my appearance but noticed every evening in the dining room the lady in the next cabin was in a totally different outfit including her shoes, purse and jewelry. How did she do this? Well I found out the night before we departed the ship. When we had to place our luggage outside our cabin, I looked down the hall and saw SEVEN suitcases sitting in the hallway next door. Think how much that would cost us to check now!

 Change is a must. Planning is critical to keeping your luggage under weight. There’s an old Aboriginal saying that goes, “The more you know, the less you need.” With that in mind, let’s apply this concept to packing for any trip that takes you away from your closet for days on end.

 Here’s what you need to do:

Buy light weight luggage: I just bought the LIGHTEST weight luggage in the world- International Traveler Sub Zero G 3 piece at .

Check the weather: Check the 10-day weather forecast in your destination city by visiting . There are times when I have frozen in Florida and overheated in New York.

Create a chart of daily activities: Are you playing golf? Sunbathing on the beach? Attending a wedding? Then fill in the outfit for day and night.

Select your color scheme: The colors need to mix and match to make numerous outfits. To know your best neutrals and accents, schedule a color analysis.

Opt for travel-friendly clothing: Wrinkle-free fabric is and comfortable clothing is a must!

Light weight shoes: Shoes can be heavy so pick them wisely by using one neutral color for all of them.

Accessories are small: Take numerous scarves, earrings and necklaces. Watch how heavy the necklaces are though. I like to carry my jewelry in my carry-on.

Make a list: Clothing and toiletries should be on the list. Check everything off as you pack them. So what’s a bonus to this system? You can readily file a claim with the airline should your bag go missing (See below for an example of a packing list).

Leave room in your bag: If you like to purchase items on your trip then you will have space to bring them home.

Carry your make-up and meds: Always keep your make-up, skin care, glasses, contacts, meds, etc. with you. We have a fabulous magnetic make-up case to consolidate your eye make-up, blush, and pressed powder. It will easily fit into your handbag.

Finally, PLAN AHEAD! Give yourself plenty of time to pack. Rushing leads to over packing or forgotten items. Do you need some help planning your travel wardrobe? Make an appointment with us to select everything and show you how to efficiently pack your suitcase.


Packing List for Checked Bag:

Manicure set

Sewing kit

Safety pins

Nail polish and remover

Inset repellant







Athletic shoes






Day satchel


Day clothing

Day purse

Day shoes

Evening clothing

Evening purse

Evening shoes

Packing List for Carry-on Bag:


Eye wear/contacts




Skin Care

Hair products

Comb and brush



One pair of underwear


Extra pair of shoes

Reading books


Cell phone





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