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Stoltz Skincare

Why buy Stoltz Image Skin Care and Cosmetics?

Stoltz Image CosmeticsAt Stoltz Image Consulting we stand behind our products. A member of the Stoltz Image Team carefully tests every product in our skin care line. You can rest assured that if we suggest a product to our clients, we would definitely wear it ourselves.

Our skin care and cosmetics are of the same quality or better than high-end retail stores. We don’t have to charge exorbitant prices because we don’t spend our advertising budget promoting our products in Vogue magazine. Our clients are our best advertisement! Once you have tried our custom blend foundation you will never want to wear another formula again.

We research the trends to be sure we stay current with the latest technology. We attend classes to learn how to apply new looks and recreate seasonal trends. Every year we go to New York City to select the latest new colors to bring into our line.

With Vitamin C being an integral ingredient for radiant skin, we did a little research on our own and added to our line Vitamin C products. Vitamin C makes your skin radiantly silky, smooth. Try a Vitamin C mask during your next complimentary makeup update. You will enjoy baby smooth skin!

We also offer a line of PepToxyl products featuring “peptides” also found in Botox. The PepToxyl line reduces and relaxes wrinkles; it also prolongs the effects of Botox. This line really makes a huge difference in skin appearance.

Our makeup line is all about color. Our custom blend foundation is world renown. We blend foundation to match YOUR skin tone and are always happy to adjust your formula for summer and winter skin.

With our background in color we are the experts in selecting colors to enhance your own natural beauty instead of making you a fashion victim of the latest trends. We personalize each consultation to be sure your look is all about YOU! Also, guess what?? No one has ever left the studio and gone straight home to wash their face! We create a natural look that accentuates your natural beauty so you feel beautiful and effortlessly stylish. With each makeup consultation we write a list of steps we used to create your new look so you can easily recreate your new look yourself.

Bottom line, we are here to help you feel: Beautiful. Stylish. Effortless.

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