Resolution #1: Your Health

Resolution #1: Your Health

Stoltz Image Cosmetics Skin Care: Balancing Day LotionQuality of life starts with good health. As I’m lying in bed, foot higher than my heart and recovering from foot surgery, I’m reminded of how important our health is. My normal life has been put on hold. Walking to the kitchen to get a drink of water is now a major task. Running an errand is impossible. Luckily, my health setback is very temporary. In a few months, I will be back to normal, wearing cute shoes, and playing tennis and golf. But, this has been a real wake-up call for me. From my very personal experience, I recommend the following health resolutions for 2010.

  1. Regular doctor’s appointments and preventative check-ups. This means making time for even the not-so-fun ones!
  2. Don’t miss your eye exams and update your eyewear or contacts regularly. Eyewear is an important part of your image. Seek professional advice on the types of eyewear that are most flattering to your features. Make sure that we can see your eyes, not just your eyewear.
  3. Take time for dental exams, teeth straightening, and whitening. I had my teeth straightened at the age of 59. I love my teeth now, and I make sure to wear my retainer every night.
  4. Understand nutrition. Eating and drinking the correct foods for your body is key. Restrict your caloric intake and take the appropriate supplements. You have total control over your nutrition and it’s up to you to take the responsibility for a healthy body. Resist food one day at a time. Remember, you only have one body for life. Be good to it and it will serve you well.
  5. Exercise! Do what you enjoy. I like to walk and play tennis and golf. If you love to shop, put on your walking shoes and head for the mall. (But, you can only window shop while you are speed-walking!) If you enjoy classes, find a friend to go with you and hold you accountable. A friend is a great coach. Do whatever exercise works for you, just remember to actually do it!
  6. Take care with skin care. Cleansing, moisturizing, protecting yourself from the environment, and preventing deterioration are all important for your face and body. On my cruise in November, my eyes were opened to how many people still sunbathe. The deck loungers were full on a sunny day. I had on my Waterproof SPF 30 and wore long sleeves to protect myself.

Stay tuned for Resolution #2: Body Beautiful.

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