How to Avoid Winter Dry Skin

How to Avoid Winter Dry Skin

Winter's Cold Weather

Winter’s Cold Weather

In Style  magazine highlighted the must-have skin care products for the approaching winter and all the issues that come with it: dull, irritated skin, dry lips and all around havoc on your beauty routine. In our own product line, we have endless options to avoid winter’s effects. Start with a moisturizing day lotion with SPF (yes you still need sunscreen in winter!). Our day lotions can combat oil or dryness and all have at least SPF 15 in them. Next, reach for the Vitamin C Lip Treatment to provide relief to chapped, dry lips or keep them from happening in the first place. If your skin normally becomes dull in the winter and nothing helps to hide the fine lines and wrinkles, you need a product with Retinol. Our Retinol Treatment for face and eyes will help eliminate the imperfections that are more visible in the cold weather. Lastly, there is nothing worse than dry skin that is irritated from the wind, snow, etc. At night, after washing your face, use our Hydrating Cream Extreme to lock in moisture and renew your skin.

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