Foundation Facts

Foundation Facts

1. Why does your new custom blended foundation look lighter than your old one?  When foundation is exposed to the air over a period of time, it darkens both in the bottle and on the face.  This is why your old foundation does not match the new one.  Before you decide to return your new foundation to have it darkened, try it on.  The color may actually be perfect!  If you are still unsatisfied, please return it to us and we will be happy to adjust the color for you.

2. In order for your foundation to look the most natural, you need to make sure to apply it very thinly over the face.  The best way to accomplish this is by using a foundation brush.  Don’t have one?  Drop by the stuido to pick up a foundation brush today or call in and we will send it to you.  A foundation brush is a must for a flawless face.

3.  Having trouble getting your foundation out of the bottle and onto your foundation brush?  Drop by the studio and we will transfer some of the foundation into a small squeeze bottle.  It is easier to use with your foundation brush, it will help you not waste as much foundation, and it does not contaminate the entire foundation jar.


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