Express Yourself with Your Brows

Express Yourself with Your Brows

Brows are one of the most important aspects of our face. “Yahoo! Health” reports eyebrows create an “emotional expression as well as facial recognition.” So why not do what we can to enhance our eyebrows to leave a lasting impression? Here are a few products that can help you achieve that amazing eyebrow look you’ve always wanted.

Brow HighlighterBrowHighlighter

The Brow Highlighter is one of our newest products. This portable crayon illuminates and highlights brows, instantly creating an eye-opening, brow lifted look. It glides on easy to enhance and define the brow bone for a gorgeous, framing effect. The Brow Highlighter can be applied after any of the products above for a finished look.

 Brow BalmBrowBalm

Brow Balm works well with every type of eyebrow. To create a more defined arch, use the Brow Definer Brush to apply short strokes of Brow Balm through the brow. The product come is two colors: Blonde and Brunette.

Brow TintBrow tint

Brow Tint is perfect for those with a lot of eyebrow hair but are looking to add some color. This brush-on tinted gel fills in and adds color to the brows creating a natural look. This product comes in three colors: Blonde, Fawn, and Sable.

Brow Setbrowset

Brow Set is for those with great thickness of brows and great coloring but need a little help keeping the hairs in place. Brow Set is a brush-on gel that sets quickly to sculpt your brows. This product is flake and feather resistant.


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