Don’t Sweat It

Don’t Sweat It

It is SO hot now and our makeup needs extra help preserving it.  Great tips are in the July, 2012 issue of Instyle Magazine.

1. Prime Your Face: Start with a gel cleanser, wipe with a oil reducing toner, protect with an oil free moisturizer and finish priming with a face primer for oily skin. It will help absorb the oil.

Blinc Mascara

2. Put on Your Face: Foundation tints with sunscreen are super popular and reduce the number of  products you apply. Eye primer is a must to hold eye shadows and a liquid eyeliner stays in place all day. Blinc Mascara is our most popular mascara because it does not smudge or smear. Long-lasting lip liner is my favorite lipstick for the summer because it stains the lip without any buildup. Lastly, cream blush will wear much longer than powder blush.

3. Touch Up Like You Mean It: Sweaty faces need blotting paper to absorb the moisture and oils during the day. Invisible blotting powder also contains oil absorbing ingredients and does not create a powdery buildup. To insure that your lip color is sealed on use Lip Lock which is a clear top coat. Add extra cream blush with your finger tips during the day or evening.

You will look fresh all day despite the hot, hot weather. Stoltz Image carries all of the products mentioned. Come experience the long-lasting makeup or shop at our Stoltz Image Online Store.









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