50% Off Cosmetic Sale

50% Off Cosmetic Sale

It’s time for me to start thinking about Fall makeup so I need to clean out my drawers. Just like I clean out my wardrobe to prepare for Fall, I do the same for my makeup.

So – I’m having a BIG SALE at 50% OFF the following cosmetic products. Sales are Final. In the studio only – come, call or email us to buy. Hurry because it is first come, first serve.

Don’t forget about your wardrobe. It’s time to book your wardrobe update to be ready with your Fall shopping list. We are booking August, September and October now.

817-924-8300 or image@stoltzimage.com

SALE Eye Shadows:

Sale Eye Shadow

Sale Eye Shadows

Cheek color, Powder Blush

Powder Blush

  • Bermuda (turquoise)
  • Caribbean (aqua)
  • Cedar (medium brown matte)
  • Dark Brown (matte)
  • Girlie (pink)
  • Mojito (green)
  • Naughty Blue (dark blue)
  • Pink Water ( pale pink)
  • Skylight (blue)
  • Washed Denim

SALE Powder Blush:

  • Mocha Plum
  • Peppermint
  • Pink Mousse
  • Soft Spice
  • Spice Berry

SALE Lipsticks and Gloss:

  • Coral Charm Liptoxyl Rouge
  • Mango Crush Liptoxyl Rouge
  • Pinkberry Liptoxyl Rouge
  • Micro Princess Lipstick
  • Matte Honey Rose Lipstick
  • Vivid Energy Gloss ( bright orange)
  • Wild Flame 68 Lipstick

SALE Brushes:

  • Kabuki Brush
  • Mini Retractable Brush
  • Flat Eye Liner Brush





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