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Wardrobe Evaluation

Imagine no more what-to-wear dilemmas.
A wardrobe evaluation and planning session will
turn your closet into a inviting place that you love.

Wardrobe Evaluation

Need a clothing stylist?

Is your closet a black hole? Not sure where those amazing new shoes recently purchased last week ended up? We can help!

Stoltz Image Consultants and clothing stylists are experts at wardrobe evaluation. We don’t have an emotional attachment to any of your clothes so it’s easy for us to purge and make suggestions on which items to keep, donate, or re-style. We promise to be honest but gentle! We will go through your closet, organize by color and style, and even help you streamline your clothing choices.

We would rather you have a small closet full of clothing you love than a colossal closet full of items you hate!

Virtual Wardrobe Evaluation is available also.

Wardrobe Styling

Stoltz Image Consultants are skilled in pulling every aspect of an outfit together for you. We create a personalized look based on your personality, unique personal coloring, body shape and lifestyle needs.

We will show you how to style fabulous outfits to dazzle your friends! You will be amazed at how many outfits we can create out of only a few pieces!

Not sure you will remember how to put together all those amazing outfits we created? You will have photos of Outfits.
Details below.

Outfit Styling Photos

Imagine never dealing with the stress of deciding what to wear ever again! Our Outfit Styling Photos taken with your phone or tablet take the stress out of dressing and gives you the tools you need to dress your best every day! Your friends will wonder how you look so pulled together EVERY day!

Photos of each outfit we create.
Photos include a complete outfit, including accessories, shoes and a purse.
A separate photo of your jewelry in the outfit can be taken so you can see these items up-close.

This is a great tool not only for everyday dressing but for trips as well. For your next vacation hire a Stoltz consultant to help you select your outfits and keep these photos on your phone.

* Styling Outfits is one of our most requested services! Please click the photos on the left to view examples.

Contact us to book an appointment for all your wardrobe needs.