You Can’t Look Fab If You Sag

You Can’t Look Fab If You Sag

Sagging breasts is a major concern in women’s clothing.  What is the point of wearing a perfectly fitted and beautifully coordinated outfit if your undergarments do not support your breasts.  A sagging bust line can throw the look of an entire outfit off and make your waist actually look larger.

In addition, the breast tissue is only connected with skin, not ligaments.  Your breasts will continue migrating south, unless you purchase a properly fitting bra.  In order to maintain the health of your bust and keep your outfits looking fabulous, you should conduct a routine check to make certain that your bra fits properly.

Bend your right arm at a 90 degree angle and lay your forearm flat against the front of your stomach.  Looking at your bust line, check to see if the apex of your bust is directly in the middle of the top half of your arm (the half that is lying perpendicular to your bust line).  If the apex is any lower than the middle of your arm, then your bust line is too low.  You may try to adjust the straps of your bra, but if the bra is old and worn out, it is time to start fresh with a new batch of bras.

Want to make sure that your bra is fitting properly?  Call Stoltz Image Consulting today to schedule an appointment for a bra fitting.  We will even go with you to pick out the perfect bra so that your bust line will always look fabulous.

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