Why We’re Obsessed with Meghan Markle

Why We’re Obsessed with Meghan Markle

We’re not going to talk about prenups, slams in the media, or engagement rings…but maybe a little about engagement rings! Meghan Markle is the woman we all want to be right now. She is an icon in American television and has a heart for philanthropy who happened to find herself in love with a Royal. And not just any royal. Prince Harry! Now that you know who Meghan Markle is, let’s talk about why we love her.

  1. She knows exactly what to wear! She has such a causal and effortless style:
  2. Her makeup is never over the top, simple and perfect for her complexion and coloring:
  3. She chooses the perfect colors that look good on her:

Photos courtesy of: Pinterest and Vanity Fair

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