Why I Disagree with “What Not to Wear”

Why I Disagree with “What Not to Wear”

I am  a huge “What Not to Wear” fan.   I love seeing Stacy and Clinton transform their projects (sometimes willing and other times…well, not so willing) from shabby to chic.  When Elaine hired me as an image consultant, I began envisioning myself as a younger, and hopefully nicer, Stacy.  What I ended up learning through my training and business experience is that Stacy and Clinton aren’t image consultants; they’re stylists.  And while we can all admit that they make their clients look infinitely better than they did before their encounter, they don’t always consider the elements of color and style.

Here are my concerns:

1) They put belts on everyone.  Come on now!  Should a lovely lady with a large tummy really need to accentuate her problem area?  She might as well be wearing an inner tube around her stomach, because belts will only exaggerate problems.

2) Stacy and Clinton love their clients to wear bright colors.  As we say, “If you see the color first (before your pretty face), then it is too bright!”

3) The hair cut comes after all of the clothing has been selected.  Many times I find myself screaming at the TV as Nick completely changes the hair color.  Hair color is so important in selecting clothing colors!  Why don’t they do the hair style first?

4) Carmindy loves pink blush and lipstick for everyone.  Again, based on color theory not everyone looks good in shades of pink.  Where is the beautiful coral and rusty red?  I want my clients to always look like they are wearing their natural coloring in their blush and lipstick.

Overall consensus: super fun show that provides an entire hour of entertainment.  But, if you want to look your VERY best, make sure that you are using an image consultant, not a stylist.

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