Why Getting Dressed is So Hard to Do

Why Getting Dressed is So Hard to Do

More often than not, people who complain about how difficult it is to get dressed blame it on the stores and their lack of a decent selection. “There’s just nothing in the stores for me anymore!” they’ll exclaim.

They imagine walking into a store filled with merchandise that perfectly suits their lifestyle, shape, and age and all they have to do is point to the pieces they like and ask the salesperson to ring it all up. Since this is a fantasy, let’s imagine that a delivery service takes the bags of goodies home and hangs them up in your closet. While they’re at it, they remove anything that’s out of date.

What service that would be! But unfortunately, that’s not how it works for people who try to do this on their own. There are many reasons to be disgruntled about clothes. And it’s no joke; I can feel your pain!

Christian Dior, the famous designer got it right when he said, “It’s not money that makes you well dressed; it’s understanding.” I propose there are a few misunderstandings that need to be addressed before you feel great about what you’re wearing.

Fashion is trying to keep up with you, even when you’re sure it’s doing its best to thwart you. Fashion is on one track churning out fresh items it hopes you’ll like. While it’s busy doing that, you’ve been busy making, accepting, or pushing against changes that have occurred. Your body has changed. Your haircut and color has changed too. Perhaps you’ve changed jobs or retired. You may have changed interests, homes or partners. You and fashion aren’t seeing eye-to-eye yet because you aren’t on the same track. But you could be.

Getting dressed and being happy with how you look starts with being clear on what would actually satisfy you. What are you looking for? Do you want clothes that will reflect the changes you’ve been through? Do you want clothes to camoflague or draw attention away from some of those changes? Do you want clothes to bring attention to a new style expression?

Has there been a lifestyle change and you’re trying to understand what that means for you wardrobe-wise? Has your body changed so the silhouettes or lines you relied on in the past aren’t serving you anymore?

Quick question: Do you know what’s in your closet right now? Is it possible you haven’t explored the contents of your closet to know what is working and what’s not working? In that case you’re left with a general feeling of hopelessness. You assume nothing’s working, but at the same time you haven’t visualized what would work.

This is not easy to figure out alone. It’s just not! Can we agree that there may be more things going on then just a change of stores to shop in?

If this sounds like the difficulties you’ve been experiencing, you could use some wardrobe mediation. You need someone who can assess where your wardrobe strengths and weaknesses are and where you currently stand in terms of your style and lifestyle needs. Then that professional person could help you find the fashion that suits you right now.

I have a lead for you. You could call me, a wardrobe mediator. I am a bridge between you and your needs and the fashion that’s offered in stores and online. Knowing you and knowing what’s in the stores, I can help you fill the holes that are gaping in your wardrobe. I can make this all better and a lot more fun.

Sometimes there are minor changes that can make a huge difference. It could be you can’t put an outfit together because you’re missing the “wow” piece that adds the personality to your basics. Perhaps you have plenty of “wow” pieces but your basics aren’t fitting properly. Maybe you need someone to help you find the right size and style of clothing to suit your frame.

I am immune to sizing. Where you might be hung up on sizes, I may go up or down two or three sizes on the same garment to find the fit that flatters you the most. I’m interested in getting results and my approach is fearless.

It’s hard to do that on your own. You’re human and I would expect you might get frustrated and look for the nearest exit from the store and give up. I don’t want you to give up on yourself.

There’s another way. Getting help is a smart solution.

If you feel like clothes or stores just don’t get you anymore, give me a call. I can bring understanding to you that results in wise purchases, great styling, and 100% satisfaction, guaranteed. I’m here for you!

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