Why Are Capris Such a Hot Topic?

Why Are Capris Such a Hot Topic?

Not many topics get the women that visit our studio talking like a discussion about capris.  Now we know that for many women, capris have become their shorts.  Either they don’t love their legs or they just feel like capris are more appropriate for their age.  Whatever the case, we would never take capris away from a client altogether.  Capris definitely have their place in the client’s closet who feels like she can’t live without them.  So, if you love your capris, you just need to make sure that you follow some capri guidelines.

Guideline #1: Our major concern is the length of capris that our clients are wearing.  How long are your capris?  When a client comes into the studio for a style analysis, or when we are working in their closet or taking them shopping, we always say that the hemline of their capris should fall within a slim place on the leg (exp. right below the knee before the calf starts widening).  If the capris come down into the calf, the widest part of the leg, they will make your calves look wider and unflattering.  We call this area the frumpy zone, and it is truly important to keep your hemlines (skirts, capris, etc.) out of your calf area.

Guideline #2: Another problem is when capris are too long.  They aren’t quite pants, but definitely aren’t shorts.  Instead, they fall somewhere around the ankle region.  Ladies, don’t be fooled!  This makes you look like you are wearing pants that are too short!

This means making the commitment to get your capris hemmed if they are too long, no exceptions!  You will look so much better and therefore feel better.

Guideline #3:  Many capris are an unflattering shape.  Your capris should slim towards the hemline.  If your capris are wide and full all the way down to the hem, they will make you look wide and full as well.  However, if you wear a slimmer capri, even if you don’t think your legs are your best feature, it will actually make your legs look slimmer and more shapely.

If you are still confused about if your capris are the right length or shape, please bring them into the studio for a capri check!

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