Who Is Perceived as Frumpy?

Who Is Perceived as Frumpy?

Women are often described as frumpy.  What is frumpy?  The dictionary defines it as dowdy, not neat or smart in dress, drab, plain, dated, old-fashion, lack of taste, or unflattering.  The opposite of frumpy is “chic.”

Why do some women let themselves look frumpy?  I’ve heard almost every excuse in the book, including “I’m too busy,” “I can’t afford nice clothes,” and “I don’t know how to put clothes together.”  Well, I know a lot of very busy women that look fabulous everyday.  There are countless individuals that have very little money, yet put together great looks at very little expense.  Lack of “know how” can be a reason, but there is information floating around constantly on television and in magazines.  So why do women still look frumpy?

In questioning numerous people, I have found that it is a matter of setting priorities in life.  Many women feel that they do not deserve to spend money or time on themselves.  Other women do not think it is important to look nice while others do not notice how bad they look.  Still, other women have such low self-confidence that they think it is an impossible task to look great everyday.  If you fit into the category of “frumpy,” wake up and read further.  EVERYONE can look attractive by following simple guidelines.

The face and hair are of major importance since we talk to a person’s face.  Wearing no makeup presents a plain, dull, drab face.  Having dated makeup looks like you are stuck in a time capsule.  Frumpy hair is unkempt, has no style, has an unflattering hair color, or is dated (not a current style).  Wearing the same style for 20 years (beehive, big hair, big round bangs, 1980’s style layers) is not good.

Frumpy clothing can be described as garments that are drab, too big, shapeless, or plain in style without accessories.  Frumpy is wearing worn-out and tired clothing.  Wearing dated clothing and accessories which are not current (this changes most often) will spell frumpy.  You cannot stay in a time capsule, and you cannot wear something for years and years if it is not current.

Examples of Frumpy:

  • Poorly coordinated outfits: Mixing styles and proportions that are not balanced
  • Dresses: Big shoulder pads, batwing sleeves, or tent dresses
  • Jackets: Over-sized boxy jackets
  • Vests: Over-sized boxy vests, print fabric
  • Pants: Pleated, palazzo, stirrup, gathered at waist, full through the thigh and pegged at the ankle
  • Tops: Big shoulder pads, men’s t-shirts, wide cut shirts
  • Shorts: Gathered at the waist, pleated
  • Coats: Large shoulder pads, barrel shaped
  • Accessories: Big plastic eyeglasses with decorative frames, neckerchief scarves, large square scarves draped around the neck

Age is a relevant factor when it comes to looking frumpy.  A young person who does not care about her appearance can look just as frumpy as someone older.  Size is also irrelevant.  Dress for your size and make sure that your clothing fits.

Where do you start to update your look?  Take pictures of yourself in five or six outfits to critique your appearance objectively.  Compare your pictures to pictures in magazines (InStyle, More, Marie Claire).  Do you look like the women in the pictures in the magazines?  Is your present hairstyle found in current magazines?  Does your face exude the same definition?  Are you wearing your makeup like the women in the pictures?  Are the clothes fitting similarly?  Are the styles of each garment similar?  If this seems too complicated, seek help from Stoltz Image!  We have objective opinions and suggestions and will develop a plan of action so that you can create your own unique look.

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