Who benefits from an image consultation?

Who benefits from an image consultation?

Stoltz Image ConsultingAnyone that wants to enhance his/her own personal appearance can benefit from an image consultant. You never get a second chance at a positive first impression. Image consulting for the human body is equivalent to interior design for the room. We both are experts at creating harmony and balance whether in an outfit or in a room. Someone building a lovely home would always use an interior designer to select the colors, fabrics, and furniture for the home. It is my job as an image consultant to select the right color, cut, and style for the body.

The substantial amount of money that a client saves by not buying clothing mistakes makes using an image consultant economical. In the end the fee for the consultant’s service is considerably less than the price of the mistakes.


• An individual, man or woman, wants to insure that they present a positive first impression: both for social life and/or career.

• Men and women have no idea about how to select clothing. They are overwhelmed when they enter a store and want knowledge to be a wiser shopper.

• Men and women want assistance seasonally for wardrobe updates. (Shopping and styling outfits) • A man or woman who has received a promotion (or wants a promotion) and wants to upscale their professional wardrobe.

• Man or woman who has lost a spouse (divorce or death) and wants to date again.

• A man or woman who has difficulty finding clothing to fit needs our expertise. Ex: a woman 6’1” tall; a man 5’5” short.

• Women come for a cosmetic lesson and then return for a makeup updates seasonally.

• Stay-at-hone mother who has had babies and wants to start taking better care of herself.

• Woman who has lost weight needs to buy a new wardrobe or a woman who has gained weight. She wants to buy correctly so she does not make so many mistakes.

• A woman who has changed her life style: quit working outside the home or has gone back to work.

• Woman who has changed her hair color either by turning gray or dying it a different color needs to change her makeup and clothing colors.

• A teenager or a woman who has never worn makeup wants her first makeup lesson.

Elaine Stoltz does not advertise. She relies 100% on client referral and feels that client referral is the ultimate compliment.

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