When Should I Discard My Makeup?

When Should I Discard My Makeup?

Clients are always asking us how long they can keep their makeup products?  When do they go bad?  It is important to throw your old makeup away.  Bacteria begins to form in the makeup over time and then is transferred to the face during application.  Bacteria can then cause serious problems:  breakouts, irritation, etc.  Don’t allow your old makeup to make you look less than your best.  If you use the list of guidelines below, you will always have makeup that is fresh and bacteria free.

Some clients really struggle with discarding makeup at the expiration date if they still have some product left.  Besides that threat of bacteria, we urge these clients to think about the cost per usage of their products.  Most likely, these older products have been used so many times that the cost per usage is down to around 1 cent!  So don’t feel bad about letting old products go.  We give you full permission!

Don’t forget to schedule those FREE makeup updates twice a year.  We will use your client history to help you decide which products need to be discarded.  Makeup updates are also the perfect time to test out all of your products and try out new ones.  We are sure that you will find a new product that you love!

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