What is image consulting?

What is image consulting?

AICI ConferenceAn image consultant works with people to enhance their image, including verbal and non-verbal image. Stoltz Image specializes in the visual appearance of the person, enhancing their natural beauty. I evaluate a person’s appearance by looking for harmony and balance. Then I determine where there is dissonance in the appearance. By using a color and body style analysis, I determine what color, line, and design are most flattering for the person’s clothing. My expertise in personal color and style has made me world renown within the image consulting community. I am one of twelve certified master image consultants in the world. Using this valuable knowledge, I evaluate the clients’ present wardrobe, create a list of necessary purchases, shop for the needed items, and then style outfits for the current season using the completed wardrobe.

Visit www.aici.org for more information.

People ask me what is the difference between a Stylist and an Image Consultant. A stylist focuses on clothing whereas an image consultant focuses on the person. A trained image consultant achieves a highly fashionable look in addition to making the person look fabulous – not just the outfit. The person and the outfit are harmonized to create a wow look.

Elaine Stoltz does not advertise. She relies 100% on client referral and feels that client referral is the ultimate compliment.

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