What I’m Loving Right Now: Using What I Have!

What I’m Loving Right Now: Using What I Have!

The holidays are the season for parties, and if you don’t think ahead, you may get caught in a wardrobing situation as you try and rush out the door for one of your big events.  It is important to think through your holiday attire before the day of a party or event.

Lots of clients start stressing about party attire as the holidays progress and purse strings become tighter.  Instead of giving in to the urge to spend a small fortune on new holiday clothing, think about using what you already have.  For example, I have a fabulous black cocktail dress with a sash.  To make the old new again, I plan on tying the sash in a different way this season and pairing my dress with red pumps (instead of black) and wearing a fabulous red coat on top (instead of my black pashmina).  Even though black is not one of my best colors, I don’t feel the need to buy anything new because I look great in red.  I can make what I have work and save a bundle in the meantime.

What holiday attire do you have that can be reused in a new way?  Think in terms of jewelry, shoes, and pashminas to change the look of something you may have had for a couple of years.

Another great budget saving option is to borrow clothes and accessories from your friends.  Need a chunky gold necklace to make an outfit exceptional?  Don’t run out to the department store to find it, ask a friend first.  It is the holiday season, and what better way to get into the spirit than to share with friends.

Not sure how to revamp your holiday wardrobe?  Give us a call.  We will make your old clothes feel new in a flash and get your ready for your holiday events in style!

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