What I’m Loving Right Now: Scarves!

What I’m Loving Right Now: Scarves!

Scarves are always a huge holiday trend, and this year is no exception.  Whether worn with your warmest coat or a lightweight long-sleeved t-shirt, scarves are fun accessories that are certain to dress up your duds.

Available is a variety of price ranges, scarves can fit into every budget.  If you are budget conscious, try places like Target or Charming Charlie for cheap chic options.  If you don’t mind dropping some cash for a scarf, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom always have full selections.

Maybe you love scarves but you are afraid to branch out to printed ones.  Solid scarves are still fabulous, but if you need a little nudge in the printed direction, give us a call.  We will take you shopping faster than you can say “that printed scarf looks perfect when paired with my peplin jacket!”

Do you know how to make the most out of your scarves?  If you are confused about how to accessorize your outfits with scarves or even how to tie them, then schedule a creating outfits session with us.  We will make sure that all of your accessories (scarves included) are perfectly paired with an assortment of outfits so that you will look your very best during the holiday season.

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