What I’m Loving Right Now: Felt Hangers

What I’m Loving Right Now: Felt Hangers

Felt hangers are all the rage, and at Stoltz Image Consulting we are loving them too!  Super slim and chic, these hangers keep a sturdy grip on all of your clothing, including those shirts with tiny straps.  You know the ones.  They slip and slide off almost all other types of hangers.

If you are thinking about having us clean and organize your closet, felt hangers are the perfect accessory for the job.  Because they are so slim, felt hangers create more room in your closet.  And with all that extra space, you will have the perfect excuse to go shopping for new spring clothes!

If you want to give felt hangers a whirl, check out this website for a variety of color options and ordering information.  http://home-solutions.hsn.com/joy-mangano-huggable-hangers-12pk-20pk-48pk-suit_m-10036311_xp.aspx?web_id=2244589&ocm=sekw

P.S. Tuesday Morning carries them too.

And don’t forget: If your closet needs a little more than a hanger redo, we can help!  Let us get you ready for the new year with a streamlined, organized, and accessorized wardrobe!

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