What I’m Loving Right Now: Dressing Up Denim

What I’m Loving Right Now: Dressing Up Denim

Texans love their denim, but if we are not careful, our denim can start to look drab.  When we look great, we feel great, so don’t let your denim make you feel slouchy.  So instead of just throwing on a pair of your favorite blues and a t-shirt on your day off, pamper yourself a bit by dressing up your denim.

A great way to dress up your denim is by starting with a beautifully colored top.  (If you don’t know what colors make you look your best, then it is time for a color analysis!)  This can be a long sleeve t-shirt or a cute, casual jacket.  Then, pump up your outfit with a great pair of heels or fun flats, instead of just throwing on your worn out sneakers.  Finish your outfit off with accessories including a necklace, earrings, bracelets, a handbag, or a scarf.  Don’t be afraid to wear your favorite jewelry with your denim.  Wear what you love, and you will look coordinated and fabulous!

Having trouble dressing up your denim?  Call us today to schedule a creating outfits session.  Please visit our services page for more information.

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