Interested in Becoming an Image Consultant?

Interested in Becoming an Image Consultant?

Elaine Stoltz, AICI CIMHave you ever considered becoming an image consultant, personal shopper, wardrobe consultant or stylist? This is an extensive industry with an ever expanding market. In fact, there is a significant lack of image consultants, not only in the United States but world-wide as well.

Image consulting is not a profession as well known as interior decorating. We are a much newer profession; however, we perform similar services. Instead of decorating a room or home, we beautify a person with their outfits and wardrobe. The concepts are intricately similar. Interior decorators and image consultants alike use color, line and design to complete projects. The guidelines for image consultants differ because we work with a very unique space: the human body.

Consider how many interior decorators work in your neighborhood. Any client who uses an interior designer should use an image consultant as well. The majority of people have never been exposed to the concepts needed to properly complete a wardrobe. Image consulting is a profession not universally known to the general public.

Do you love to shop, like to create beautiful outfits and are passionate about talking and working with people? Do you have inspirations of owning your own business? Do you flourish when networking with groups and individuals? If so, you are a superior candidate for a career in image consulting.

Call us to discuss the possibility of changing to a new career in fashion, wardrobing and image consulting. We would be happy to talk with you about your career goals.

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