The 75 Percent Solution, Wall Street Journal

The 75 Percent Solution, Wall Street Journal

mid length skirt

Photo courtesy of: The Wall Street Journal

Elaine and I would love to comment on one of the new hemline trends present this fall.

In the Wall Street Journal we noticed a fascinating article entitled, “The 75 Percent Solution.”

This article discusses a new hemline that falls below the knee, half way down the calf. This look encompasses a hemline anywhere from just below the knee to a few inches above the ankle.

To successfully pull off this look, which is curiously in between a mini and a maxi, your outfit must be extremely current! Also heels are a must, this trendy new look will not work with flats. It’s important to shop for current styles; we can’t just pull past fashion trends out of our closet for this very current below the knee look. It may not be a look everyone can pull off but it is definitely hitting stores this fall. The key is pairing it with some “smashing” heels! This is not a fall back to the 80’s mid length denim skirt, think slimming and very fitted.

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