Vitamin C skin care!!

Vitamin C skin care!!

The Wonders of Vitamin C by Megan Gunn

We all know that we need vitamins for our bodies to function properly, but not many people know exactly what vitamins we need and what their functions are. Our new Vitamin C collection is something you definitely need in your life!

This vitamin is an overall terrific supplement that every women needs, it includes a bonus to almost every health aspect. Vitamin C contains antioxidant protection and is antibacterial. Antioxidants protect the molecules in your skin and blood vessels before diseases have a chance to spread and antibacterial is just a drug that prevents the spread or inhibition of bacteria. On top of those, Vitamin C can brighten, firm, hydrate, and even the tone of your skin. Every woman, whether she is 18 or 81, desires that her skin be even and bright, we aspire to have the skin of babies (anti-aging properties); Vitamin C can help in the process of trying to achieve the perfect skin complexion. It’s anti-inflammatory, and therefore dulls and decreases the redness and fades darken areas.

Everyone has heard the word collagen, but do you really know what it is? Collagen is basically the internal structure of a building, but for your body. It’s the cement that keeps everything in place. Vitamin C increases and regulates the production of collagen, which is great for the anti-aging aspect of the vitamin and for maintaining already healthy skin. While increasing the collagen production, it melts away the dull and dead surface cells on the outer layer of your skin. Basically, Vitamin C soothes and smoothes your skin, leaving radiance and beauty. Being human, means that we cannot physically make or produce this vitamin by ourselves, therefore we need to find a great collection for Vitamin C, that way we stay healthy, happy, and radiant!
Stoltz Zinke Vitamin C Collection: Vitamin C Cleanser, Vitamin C Toner, Vitamin C Protection, Vitamin C Eye Treatment, Vitamin C Night Cream, and the Vitamin C Lip Treatment.

• Vitamin C Cleanser is a great gel cleanser that removes makeup and exfoliates the entire face leaving the skin brightened and hydrated, and also dissolves dead skin cells.
• Vitamin C Toner radiates and restores the brightness back to your skin while firm and evening. The toner builds up the collagen and helps reverse the aging and minimizes the size of your pores.
• Vitamin C Protection stimulates collagen, firms, brightens, and reverses aging leaving a radiant and glowy face.
• Vitamin C Eye Treatment brightens and soothes the skin around the eyes. Removes tired and dark tones, builds collagen and firms.
• Vitamin C Night Cream is an amazing product that works overnight! Concentrates on brightening the skin, as well as firming and healing.
• Vitamin C Lip Treatment is the ultimate chapstick that brightens and soothes the lips. It includes ingredients that lubricate, heals, and enhances antioxidant protection.

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