Virtual Custom Color Analysis

Virtual Custom Color Analysis


Elaine Stoltz is now offering a long-distance color analysis. No need to come to Fort Worth, Texas for a customized color analysis. Continue reading about Color Analysis for the details.

So many potential clients tell us that they want a custom color analysis but cannot travel to Fort Worth, Texas to the Stoltz Image Studio. Elaine has been working on a virtual custom color analysis for years and now feels that she has perfected the process. You receive the same fabric color fan and have a phone conversation with Elaine discussing how to use the fan. The difference is that instead of travel a long distance, you have to send Elaine numerous close up photos of your eyes, hair and skin tone. From those photos she determined your exact eye color, hair color and skin tone. Once you agree that those are good body colors, Elaine pulls colors that are in harmony with those body colors. She makes recommendations on cosmetic colors but cannot perform a cosmetic makeover lesson or create a foundation color.

If this sounds great email ( or call 817-924-8300 to talk with Elaine.


I had a great experience doing a “virtual” color consultation with Elaine.  The process was quick and easy Elaine was very responsive and helped me understand why I had a difficult time picking my season – the season palette is just the tip of the iceberg – people often aren’t able to be classified into 4 or even 12 categories. The hardest part was taking a few well-lit snapshots with my smartphone.  I love that I now have a powerful new tool (my beautifully made custom color palette) at hand for deciding which clothing will make it into my closet.  We will be redoing our master suite and closets in the coming year and while my closet is already fairly curated I want to take this opportunity to eliminate less flattering pieces, where possible and make a wardrobe that works together both effortlessly and seamlessly.  If you’re thinking of simplifying your clothing, adopting a more minimalist wardrobe, or you just want a new look that enhances your natural beauty – you need your colors done.  Once our renovations are complete I can’t wait to take my swatches with me shopping!  Elaine’s makeup and jewelry suggestions were also dead on!

Thank you!!

Jennifer M. from New Jersey.

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