Vacation Time!

Vacation Time!

Packing for Vacation

Are you busy getting ready for a summer vacation? We can help make the process a little bit less hectic. Our clients are raving this summer over how easy it is to dress for vacations with a little bit of help from our staff.

We can help you create outfits for each day of your vacation. We will help you put together outfits, complete with shoes and accessories. After creating outfits we will take a photograph of each ensemble. This way all you have to do, on your vacation, is pull out one of your outfit photographs and you will be able to easily select what to wear. Plus since you will have an outfit ready for each day, you will pack less. With many airlines charging per bag, you can save money by packing exactly what you need instead of too many pieces you won’t end up wearing after all.

Schedule a “Creating Outfit” consultation before you leave for your summer vacation. Spots are limited so please set up an appointment as soon as possible.

Get ready to enjoy headache free packing this summer! Schedule your “Creating Outfit” consultation today. Call the studio at: 817-924-8300

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