Trend Overload!

Trend Overload!

Maxi Dress: Summer 2009 Trend OverloadEach season, there seems to be at least one trend that gets put on overload.  It starts out as fun and funky and quickly manifests to a full blown fashion phenomenon.  As soon as I see it in the window of Forever 21, I know it ‘s the beginning of the end.

This spring/summer it was the maxi dress.  Now I love a great maxi, but I can tell that by next spring, I am going to want to banish them to the back of the closet.

BoleroEven better, think several years back to the shrug and bolero.  They were huge!  We paired them with dresses, skirts, and jeans.  But, I eventually just wanted them to go away.  I remember seeing people walking around in their boleros several seasons past their prime.  They needed an intervention.  Please, put the bolero down!

What about Uggs paired with miniskirts?  We were all so very trendy when the strangeness started, but all I can think about now is how cold we must have looked.

Uggs with MiniskirtsThe problem with the trend overload is that as quickly as it comes in style, it goes out.  And, if we hang onto it too long, we lose that fashion credibility that may have sparked our interest in the fad in the first place.

But, what are we to do with the remnants?  All of those trendy pieces that we just didn’t feel that we got our wear out of.  Here’s your answer: don’t spend a ton of money on fading fashions.  If you love a trend, buy it cheap, but don’t invest in the designer duds.

Plaid FashionSo what should you watch out for this fall/winter season?  I predict that the fast fading fashion will be plaid.  It’s hitting the stores in full force, and, yes, you can even catch a glimpse of it at Forever 21.  Buy cheap ladies.  But don’t stress when your favorite trend has run its course.  The thing about fashion trends is that there is always a new one to try.

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