Tips to Pack Lightly

Tips to Pack Lightly

Packing for VacationTo pack lightly here’s what you need to do:

  1. Buy Lightweight Luggage: I just bought the LIGHTEST weight luggage in the world! “International Traveler Sub Zero G 3 Piece” at I’ll let you know how it holds up this summer.
  2. Check the Weather: Check the 10-day forecast in your destination city by visiting Believe me, I have frozen in Florida and overheated in New York! Now I always check the forecast first.
  3. Create a Chart of Daily Activities: Are you playing golf? Sunbathing on the beach? Attending a wedding? Plan out your activities and pack accordingly. Remember to select an outfit for day and one for night.
  4. Know Your Color Scheme: The colors need to mix and match to make numerous outfits. To determine your best neutral and accent colors schedule a color analysis.
  5. Opt for Travel Friendly Clothing: Wrinkle free fabrics and comfortable clothing is a must!
  6. Light Weight Shoes: Shoes can be heavy so select wisely by using one neutral color for all your shoes.
  7. Accessories are Small: Take numerous scarves, earrings and necklaces. Watch how heavy the necklaces are though. I like to carry my jewelry in my carry-on.
  8. Make a List: Clothing and toiletries should be on the list. Check everything off as you pack. What’s a terrific bonus to this system of packing? One plus is that if you know exactly what you packed you can readily file a claim with the airline should your bag go missing.
  9. Leave Room in Your Bag: If you like to purchase items on your trip, then save space to bring everything home.
  10. Carry Your Makeup and Meds: Always keep your makeup, skin care, glasses, contacts, meds, etc. with you. We have a fabulous magnetic makeup case to consolidate your makeup to fit easily in your handbag.

Finally, plan ahead. Give yourself plenty of time to pack. Rushing leads to over packing or forgotten items. Do you need some help planning your travel wardrobe? Make an appointment with me to select everything you need to efficiently pack your suitcase. By taking the stress out of packing you be able to enjoy your trip more!

I hope you have a wonderful and stress-free summer vacation!


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