Tips for Having Fun in Summertime Dresses

Tips for Having Fun in Summertime Dresses

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Since the weather has turned hot and sticky, there’s nothing like throwing on a dress to cool down. Here are ten tips for looking cool in a dress. 

1. Wear a slip dress under a sheer print dress. Or purchase a full slip from a lingerie department. Layering the two together is very comfortable. Nothing clings when there’s a barrier between your skin and the outer layer. Plus, you get to feel very French! 

2. Do you have a spaghetti-strapped fancy dress that you’d like to wear casually? Layer it over a simple-looking T-shirt. You’ll be so chic! 

3. If a dress has a fitted waist and comes with its own belt, switch it out. Add a personality belt from your collection to make it look more original. 

4. Do the unexpected. Mixing things up is a great summer styling tip. Take a pinstriped shirtwaist dress and roll the sleeves up. Add a pink patent belt, a floral print belt from another dress, or use a man’s tie around your waist. 

5. Wear some sneakers, slip-ons, or cute flip-flops with a casual dress. 

6. Tie a print kerchief at the neck or wrap it around your wrist. That wrist tie detail is a little trick from Hermés. Go ahead and steal it! 

7. Wear leg makeup if you’re nervous about some sections of your legs that may have spider veins. But be warned that if caught in a rainstorm, the makeup could start running down your leg. 

8. Another trick for dealing with perceived blemishes on your bare legs is to ignore them. Accessorize the dress and get on with your day. People are taking in the whole head-to-toe image of you, not focusing on what you focus on. And if any woman notices, she’ll be inspired to do the same. Summer has a reputation for being carefree for a reason. Go with the flow. 

9. Breathable fabrics are your friends. Look for dresses in linen, cotton, or jersey. Chemical-based materials will hold in the heat, and trapped in heat makes you lose your composure.  

10. To get an instantly put together look with any dress, wear a sandal with a bucket bag in the same general color. The bucket bag is the “it” summer style bag and will hold lots of things. Did you know the bucket bag first appeared in 1932 when Louis Vuitton designed that shape to keep champagne fresh? Tote that bottle of champagne to your next outdoor social distanced event and share that fun fact with your friends. Bonus style point: Champagne goes with everything. 

While this is a most unusual summer, you’re still getting dressed for the season. Let me help you have fun with fashion. Phone me or shoot me an email and we’ll set up a “safe” appointment!          817-924-8300

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