This Season’s Colors and Their Messages….

This Season’s Colors and Their Messages….

When it comes to a new fashion season, the one thing everyone wants to know is, what are the colors this year?


Seasonal colors used to be so clear-cut. Every autumn we’d see spicy colors like cinnamon, turmeric, chili red, and harvest gold. In springtime we were sure to see colors like tangerine, leaf green, marine blue, and lemon yellow.


That’s not the case anymore. Designers are shaking things up and creating more variety in colors for new seasons.


While you’re getting excited about the colors showing up in stores or online, there’s another aspect of color that would be fun to play with this year. What would that be? It’s the inherent messages of color.


Here are some of the color highlights of the season as well as the color messages that are associated with each color. With this added layer of color information, you may decide to experiment with a color because you want to bring certain qualities into your life at this time. Color can work as a personal talisman reminding you of what you want. Check it out. It could be fun!


Black is often viewed as a sophisticated color. It’s a color worn frequently in urban settings. Fashions in black often have interesting textures or detailing that makes clothing stand out. Mixing these textures within the same color in the same outfit is striking.


Some of the inherent messages of black include: high authority, power, assertiveness, sensuality, and sometimes a sense of mystery.



One of the fun things to see on the runway this season is the Little White Dress. While white is expected in the summer, this year it showed up in the fall/winter collections in dresses, evening wear, oversized shirts and in boots. And it wasn’t always winter white; it was bright white.


Some of the inherent messages of white include: fresh, reliable, artistic, hopeful and expressive.



Indigo keeps taking a stand in the color lineup of fashion. It’s a wonderful alternative to the color black if you’re looking for a new basic neutral to add to your wardrobe. It has energy to it and creativity. It’s an easy color to pair with other colors.

Some of the inherent messages of indigo include: unusual, creative, artistic, and intuitive.



Red was very pronounced on the runways. Strong red dresses for evening, red in pant suits, velvet capes, gloves and bags, slip-ons, pumps and red boots make a showing. Some people can handle wearing head-to-toe red while others may prefer to bring dabs of it to an outfit. If you have a lot of energy, it’s an easy color to wear. And if you need some energy, wearing red can bring you an energy boost even if it’s in small amounts.

Some of the inherent messages of red include: high energy, courageous, dramatic, and self-assured.



This color showed up in velvet blazers, pants, puffer jackets, coats, onesies, and draped satin blouses and blazers. Add this color to your wardrobe and you’ll feel be seen and appear to be playful and youthful. Or mix it with black and it’s very dramatic.

Some of the inherent messages of orange include: fun loving, enthusiastic, thoughtful, and social.



Yellow steals the show in eveningwear, sweaters, feminine dresses, trench coats, and pumps. Whether it’s a barely-there yellow or full-blown canary yellow, it is a powerful color choice this fall.

Some of the inherent messages of yellow include: creative, bright, cheerful, optimistic, outgoing.



Green stayed strong for fall. Green is such a soothing color to wear. It feels good to the person wearing it and people around you will appreciate it, too. You can choose to wear a green blazer, puffer vest, pantsuit, satin draped trousers, or a knit dress. It shows up in every type of fabric. Some of the inherent messages of green include: friendly, kind, peaceful, helpful and nurturing.



Blue comes in many shades this fall. Just like yellow, it showed up in soft versions like baby blue and then went toward stronger, brighter, and more saturated shades of blue. It’s a big color in coats, jackets, and suiting. Throw in the denim blues for a bigger sea of blue.

Some of the inherent messages of blue include: dedication to high ideals, logical, soothing, inspiring, and honest.



Designers loved pink and showed it in blush shades for the romantic introverts and stronger shades like hot pink for the dramatic extroverts. It’s a great color to mix in with neutrals or to wear head to toe in eveningwear.

Some of the inherent messages of pink include: universal color of love, quiet, refined, and artistic.


Isn’t it fun to look at color from a visual standpoint and then overlap it with the inherent messages of the color? I’d be happy to help you take a closer look at how to bring color and its messages into your wardrobe this year. Just shoot me an email and we’ll get started.

Have a wonderful fall!  Can’t wait to help you with your wardrobe.

Kelly 🙂


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