The Perfect Winged Cat-Eye… Our Elaine Stoltz Versoin

The Perfect Winged Cat-Eye… Our Elaine Stoltz Versoin

The Perfect Winged Cat-Eye… The Subtle Stoltz Version

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 Feel like playing your eyes up a little?  How about trying the iconic cat eye? A few tips to make this look simple and attainable.  We think you will enjoy our version of the iconic cat eye.

Following your eye shadow application, try dotting a small circle where you want the “wing” to end.   We recommend thickening the end and only extending it very slightly outside the eye lid. Make sure both dots are even, and then simply swoop your eye liner out to the dot.  Try to just use a single stroke and feel free to make the line slightly thicker at the end.   Elaine recommends trying a very subtle cat eye.  Instead of a thick “wing” simply make the line a bit thicker to lift and open the eyes.  Her version accentuates and lifts your eyes instead of looking too intense.

 Be sure you are using the color of eye liner that best accentuates your eye color.  Remember, not all liner needs to be black.  There are many other options that will accentuate your natural coloring without being too harsh.  Remember a soft and subtle cat-eye can add drama and visually “lift” your eyes, drawing the attention away from fine lines.

Not sure you are ready to try this look on your own?  Schedule a makeup update and let us show you how to visually lift your eyes and accentuate with the best colors of eyeshadow for you!

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