The Perfect Trench Coat

The Perfect Trench Coat

The Perfect Trench Coat


A perfect fitting trench coat should be one of your closet staples.  A trench coat exudes effortless elegance and adds a polished look, perfect to top off your ensemble.

But it’s almost summer, you shout!  Yes, but now is the perfect time to find summer sales on winter items.  Many times you can find a fabulous sale on a jacket you just might have to pay full price for in a few short months.


So what’s the secret to finding the most elegant and perfect fitting trench for your body shape?  Be sure to shop for your body shape and keep in mind a few of our pointers:

  1. Is your body shape a rectangle?  If so, you need to take off the belt.  You can tie it in the back to pull the waist in slightly.  Another idea is to remove the belt  entirely and take the coat to a tailor to have the belt loops removed and the sides contoured in slightly.
  2. Are you an hourglass: If so, you need to be sure the coat highlights your curves instead of hiding them.   Make sure it fits and isn’t too large!  One mistake we see quite often, is when clients purchase a coat that is too big.  We don’t want your figure to be lost in too much fabric!  However, it doesn’t need to be too tight though, either.   Remember, you will have a layer of clothing on under the trench so you will need to allow for this.
  3. Are you a triangle: Optimally, you don’t want any pockets at the waist.  We don’t want to add bulk at the hips.  You will also look better with a softer fluid fabric.  Nothing too stiff and structured.
  4. Are you an inverted triangle: Stay away from large details or buttons on the shoulders.  Pockets are ok for your body shape.  You can have a little more detail on the hip pockets such as a button closure.  If the pockets flare out you might consider having them stitched closed.
  5. Are you a rectangle: If so, you want to remove the belt.  You might look for a little more of a full skirt style of trench.   Be sure to have your coat tailored to be sure the coat doesn’t look to straight. Stay away from fabric that is too stiff.
  6. Are you an oval: You will want a loose fitting look. Stay away from belts and look for a trench in one of your darker colors.


Still have questions on what style best flatters your body shape?  Schedule a style analysis with Elaine or Kelly and let us give you guidelines and body style advice tailored to your body shape.  Everyone is beautiful!  Let us help you accentuate your positive features and camouflage any areas of concern.

-Kelly Zinke

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