The Three Most Important Makeup Steps

The Three Most Important Makeup Steps

We always tell our makeup clients that the three most important makeup steps are the brows, blush, and lips.  This is based on the Stoltz Image theory that it is important to create focal points of interest on the face.

For example, imagine a strong red lip on a woman.  If her brows and blush are dull or muted, then the lips will come forward from the face, creating a dominant, and even unpleasant, focal point.  But, if a strong brow is added to balance out the strong lip, then she will not look overpowered, but complimented.  The blush then must connect the lips and brows through natural color that makes the person appear flushed and youthful.

So, the next time that you put on your boldest pout, don’t forget your brows and blush!

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