Testimony: Long Distance Color Analysis

Testimony: Long Distance Color Analysis

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I have had several ‘seasonal’ color analysis consultations over the past 10 years and never felt that any of them were correct for me.  I googled custom color analysis out of curiosity (just to see if there was anyone that offered this service). Stoltz Image popped up so I took a look at the website, watched their custom color video of an actual client and decided to contact Elaine Stoltz.  I explained my dissatisfaction with traditional ‘seasonal’ color analysis and asked questions about how custom color differed.  Since I live in Florida I could not book an appointment in person but was told that the consultation could be done via email and phone with specific pictures.  I was a little skeptical until I received the first set of swatches of my ‘body colors’, hair, eyes and skin. I trusted Elaine to select the rest of my ideal colors. Once I received the second set of swatches (they were perfect), I purchased some makeup from her line of cosmetics that coordinated with my new swatches.  The cosmetics were great and of high quality and the colors make sense coordinating with my swatches.  My husband and friends are paying me compliments and I am very happy.  Elaine is a true professional that has extensive knowledge and experience, I would recommend Stoltz Image to anyone.  I hope to one day pay Stoltz Image a visit but until then, it is comforting to know that Elaine and staff are there to assist me.

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