Summer Sparkle

Summer Sparkle

Refreshing Lemonade for SummerSummer is right around the corner.  Are you ready for ice cold lemonade and fresh baked sugar cookies? Summer is often a busy time for all of us, just remember to take a second out of your busy day, relax and sip some lemonade.  As Rose Kennedy said, “Life isn’t a matter of milestones but of moments.”  Let’s take a minute to cherish the moments in the midst of the busy summer days.

With hectic summer activities and relaxing vacations we are all spending extra time outdoors.  To protect our skin and maintain a crisp “beachy look” it’s important to use sunscreen.  With many of our day lotions containing sunscreen and face primers, such as the Retexturizing Face Primer, providing an SPF of 20, it only takes a few extra seconds of preparation each morning to protect your skin.

To produce a picture perfect “beachy look” think bronzers and highlighters.  Schedule a 30 minute make-up update session to find out the best products to accentuate the summer goddess in you.  We offer everything from a shimmery “Sunkissed Bronzer” to a “Mineral Sheer Veil Highlighter”.

Finally don’t forget to add a little sparkle with a sheer lip gloss or frosted lipstick.  Our LipToxyl Sheer lip gloss plumps and defines your lips.  It only takes seconds to apply and provides lasting coverage. Plus Lip Toxyl won’t melt in your purse!  To add a little extra protection pick up a Vibrac-C Lip Treatment with an SPF of 15 to protect your lips as well.

Sunglasses are a must, especially during the summer months.  Look for sunglasses with UVB and UVA protection to provide optimal coverage.  Polarized glasses offer an extra layer of protection to block the glare and keep you from squinting.  Sunglasses are a fun accessory to spice up your outfit, while at the same time helping protect your vision, preventing cataracts and even wrinkles.  If you need help finding the right pair to complement your face, sign up for one of our Eyeglass Selection Consultations.

Don’t overlook the damage sun can cause to your hair, especially if you chemically treat with color or highlights.

Before heading out the door, put on a baseball or straw hat, both provide prime protection.

For a special moisturizing treatment apply a quarter size amount of conditioner to your hair before relaxing in the sun.  After exiting the pool, simply rinse conditioner out and you will hair will be moisturized and ready to go.

So this summer make a point to take a few minutes out of each day to relax. Treat yourself to a “summer goddess” look with bronzers and highlighters and add a summery shimmer to your lips with a moisturizing lip gloss.  After all, life is made up of all the little moments we call memories.  Cherish those moments and embrace life’s small pleasures.

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