Stoltz Image Testimonial

Stoltz Image Testimonial

Dear Elaine,

I worked with another “image consultant” for a week, paid $1,500 dollars and had nothing to show for it. I learned the hard way that you get what you pay for and there is a reason for all the training and specialization that you obtained to become a Certified Image Master. Many may claim the title “image consultant”, but you are a true professional with an eye for the individual.

In an hour and half you looked at my wardrobe, eliminated items that did not convey the image I was looking for, and helped me with a plan of action. The color analysis really helped to clear away the confusion and have a unique template to shop more efficiently. My custom foundation and makeup application combined my new image goals without making me have a routine I was not used to. Your hair color recommendation and stylist did an amazing job turning around my previous recommended hair color. The personal image portfolio binder was the icing on the cake to bring my whole experience together in one place.

My color fan arrived in less than a week and shopping is no longer an effort. I can quickly enter a store and eliminate more than 75% of what is in there. Thanks to you identifying my capsule all I need are my unique colors and I am set. The compliments that I receive now are that I look polished, professional and my features are noticed (eyes, skin color etc.) versus I like your sweater, hair color, outfit etc. I am now the focus and it feels great! Again thanks a million times over for your help! Everything you gave me was priceless and I can’t wait to come back to you for a fun day of shopping to buy my new upscale pieces with my promotion and new larger salary!

Cheers to the future~ Lisa

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