Silly Seasons?

Silly Seasons?

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Seasonal Color Analysis

Wall Street Journal June 3-4, 2023

By Grace Rasmus
I applaud Grace Rasmus for writing this article. It was perfect timing for me because I was going to my Association of Image Consultants International conference on June 6 and participating in a 4-person panel session on personal Color Analysis.
In 1989 I attended my first color analysis training where I learned a category system, like the Seasons. Within a year I realized that it was not doing my clients justice because it was not giving them their most flattering colors – it gave them some good but also some unflattering colors.
To summarize the WSJ article:In the 1980’s Seasonal Color Analysis was considered either a styling essential or a scam. This system classified you as a Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. The Seasonal Color Analysis has not gone away, and unfortunately, is still being used by many color consultants around the world. Thank TikTok, where now filters allow you to figure out your season for free.
What has changed since the 80’s? The Color Me Beautiful Book and other colorists were white women who had never analyzed other people of color. Nearly everyone with dark skin was said to be a winter. Not valid!!
Is there a science to color analysis? The experts say, “Sort of”. They recommend that a color should be chosen by comparing colors next to the person in natural light rather than picking blindly from a seasonal chart. She likens seasonal color analysis to horoscopes: “fun to think about, but to be taken with a grain of pure white salt.”
I totally agree with what the article said and have been performing Custom Color Analyses for over 30 years. We each have unique eye, skin tone and hair color. If a color looks great with all three of those colors, then it is a good color to wear. My system works for all skin tone colors making it universal and the most accurate.
Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to color analysis. Let me help you discover your true colors and feel confident in every outfit. With my personalized color analysis system, you’ll never look back. Contact me today to schedule your consultation and unlock the power of your unique beauty.
Elaine Stoltz AICI CIM


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