Should Michelle Obama wear a high, wide belt?

Should Michelle Obama wear a high, wide belt?

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Article and photo courtesy of: The Fort Worth Star Telegram

The Fort Worth Star Telegram recently featured a very well written article on “Fit Women Exercise Options to Find Softer, Flattering Styles” by Samantha Critchell. This article discussed how finding the most flattering fit for women with a deep athletic build is not always easy. Even being in perfect shape can have its own set of style challenges. She quotes several fashion designers who suggest athletic build women opt for wearing,”more dresses than they are used to”. It’s all about finding the right fit that complements your body shape as well as your personality.

The article features a photo of First Lady Michelle Obama, showing off a wide, black belt. As image consultants trained to look at a client and see the best way to accentuate the positives of their body shape, we would have to disagree with putting a high belt on First Lady Michelle Obama. If you take a close look at the photo you will see how putting a belt this high actually turns her fit and trim figure into a triangle, emphasizing her lower half. A more flattering choice might be to select a very tailored shirt that will further emphasize her tiny waist and all the hard work she has put into working out at the gym. Michelle Obama has worked hard to keep her figure fit and trim. Let’s accentuate her beautiful figure and draw attention to her tiny waist instead of accentuating her hips! She is in amazing shape, so it is important to really emphasize her fit figure.

It’s important to realize just how clothing can flatter your figure or actually work against you. Embrace your body shape and learn how to dress to best accentuate your own natural beauty!

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