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Personal Shopping

Everyone could use a little help when it comes to selecting clothes.
Whether you are shopping for the perfect evening gown or building an entire wardrobe,
personal shopping is quick, easy, and stress free.

Personal Shopping


We promise to make shopping less of a headache and much more blissful! In fact, we fondly named our personal shopping services “blissful personal shopping”!  We are respectful of your budget and will work to maximize your shopping dollar.


You will have the most productive shopping experience of your life – both online and in store. An image consultant will find clothing that compliments your body and enhances your wardrobe.


Shop with an Image Consultant today!

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Meet In-Store

We will meet you at your favorite stores. While you are trying on these items we will search the store for the perfect pieces.

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Try On Clothing

Try on hand picked items by an Image Professional. We will see how the clothes look and fit and discuss any pieces you like.

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Evaluate and Simplify

After you have tried each piece on, we will help you go through everything and discuss which pieces to purchase. Stop making costly mistakes and start loving all the clothes in your wardrobe!

Contact us to book an appointment for your personalized shopping service.

Online Personal Shopping


Have a special event coming up? Need an outfit for a special occasion?


If you know your size and have an idea on what you are looking for, email us your shopping list and our image consultants will do the work for you. We will compose an online shopping list and email you the link to your shopping cart.


This is a great option for those occasions when you don’t have time to meet with us in the store.


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Contact us to book an appointment for a personalized online shopping service.