Say Goodbye to Buyer’s Regret!

Say Goodbye to Buyer’s Regret!

Clean through your messy closet to ensure you're shopping for clothes you really need!

Clean through your messy closet to ensure you’re shopping for clothes you really need!

(Written by Lauren, TCU Intern) Buyer’s regret is something we can all relate to. You bought a shirt that fit a little too loose, but you just couldn’t pass up on the sale. Or maybe you loved how it looked in the store, but brought it home and now it haunts you from your closet. You may have bought it thinking you would wear it someday in the future, or that eventually it would grow on you and you could create an outfit for it. If this has ever happened to you, you are not alone!

The solution to buyer’s regret is simple. In order to minimize regret, you should invest in dressing knowledge. Think about going grocery shopping. Before you even start making a grocery list, you look in your pantry, cabinets and refrigerator to see what day-to-day necessities are missing and what you need to buy. Then, you look at recipes and dishes you plan on making in the next few weeks and write down ingredients for that as well. Finally, you take your list to the store and go shopping. Now apply that logic to shopping for clothes and outfits. First, check your closet for clothes that you are clearly in need of replacing (like checking your pantry). Then think about outfits you need and what garments you need to buy to make those outfits (like looking at recipes). Then take your list and go shopping, knowing that you are buying only what you need!

Just like you want to cook quality meals, you want to wear quality outfits as well. Set aside a time for you to go shopping so you can give it your full-attention. Make a day of it! This way you won’t feel rushed to make decisions. Take your time trying clothes on, look in the mirror and really think about the fit of the garment. Be honest with yourself. Will I actually wear this garment? Do I really need this? Does it flatter me? Love it madly, need it badly, or don’t buy it! Taking time to ask yourself these questions will ensure that you’re making a good purchase.

 If buyer’s regret is something you struggle with and you don’t know where to start, call our office! Stoltz Image is here to help you with all of your wardrobe needs. From evaluating your current wardrobe, to taking you shopping, we can help you eliminate buyer’s regret for good!


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