Makeup: Safe and Fashionable

Makeup: Safe and Fashionable

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Throw Your Makeup Away When It Expires

Have you cleaned out your makeup drawer recently?

A few tips to remember, makeup doesn’t have the lifespan of clothes. It should be thrown away when it expires.

Think safety first, please be careful to change out your makeup on a regular basis, especially anything that comes in contact with your eyes. Refer to your “Style Manual” for specific guidelines.

Makeup is relatively inexpensive. If you add up the cost of all your makeup, it would probably be less than what you spend buying a single jacket. So pitch your makeup periodically and start over with new products.

All current clients receive two complimentary makeup updates a year, so don’t forget to take advantage of this beneficial service.

Plan to budget for new makeup twice a year. Makeup trends tend to go along with seasonal styles; so it is imperative to update your makeup each season to be in harmony with your clothes. We wear deeper, darker and heavier clothes in the winter. Likewise, our makeup tends to be a bit more intense during the fall and into the cold winter months. Periodical reorganizing and cleaning out your makeup drawer will have you staying safe, current and on trend.

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