Resolution #4: Wardrobe Planning

Resolution #4: Wardrobe Planning

Closet & Wardrobe Consulting by Stoltz Image ConsultantsIt’s like planning your investments: Give it plenty of thought. Your clothing is a huge financial investment. I’m sure you have spent thousands of dollards on clothing and accessories over the years. Impulse buying is a no-no.

  1. Arm yourself with clothing knowledge (or a personal shopper to do it for you), so that you never make another poor wardrobe decision. Make wise clothing decisions, not irrational ones.
  2. Make a list of activities. What types of clothes do you need on a daily basis? You need to really spend time answering this question. Think about all of your activities each week, each month. Do you have the appropriate clothes that you enjoy wearing for each activity? For women, the list will be quite long. You need clothing for running earrands, exercising, going to meetings or to work, going out with friends, going to your place of worship, traveling, and going to parties, weddings, funerals, and other events. Don’t forget to include the accessories and shoes that you will need for each type of event as well.
  3. Do a closet clean-out. Now it’s time to open the closet door and look inside. If it’s not neatly organized, then start pulling everything out. Empty the closet. Look at each garment. Can it justify its existence and remain in your closet? Do you love it and know you will wear it? Have you tried it on this year?
  4. Make a shopping list. Before you hit the stores, make a detailed list so that you know exactly what you are looking for. Don’t ver off the course and purchase an item that won’t serve you well.

Don’t become complacent with how you look if you are not 100% satisfied with your image. Set goals and accomplish them. 2010 will be the year you look your very best!

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