Resolution #3: Clothing Knowledge

Resolution #3: Clothing Knowledge

Spring Outfit CreationLessons on how to dress are not taught in school. Finishing schools do not exist any longer. Similar to decorating your home, there are rules and guidelines to use when dressing. Before you make another clothing purchase that ends up being a clothing mistake, hanging in your closet and not being worn, educate yourself.

  1. Seek professional advice on what colors are flattering to your natural coloring. The biggest mistake I see with fashionably dressed women is that their clothes talk before they talk; they are wearing too bright of colors or too high of contrast (black and white).
  2. Seek professional assistance to determine what shapes and lengths of garments are best for your figure type.
  3. Learn the guidelines to putting a fabulous outfit together. Seek the assistance of a wardrobe consultant. It takes creativity and fashion know-how to combine clothing items into a great ensemble. A huge mistake I see with many clients is when they buy an “outfit” and never separate the items of clothing and accessories to make new and different outfits. What a waste of money.
  4. Keep your wardrobe current. Do not hold on to dated items. A wardrobe is never complete. It must be continually updated. Read fashion magazines, e-newsletters from Stoltz Image, and the Stoltz Image blog for trend updates and new ideas to keep your wardrobe in great shape! Fashion continually changes, and your wardrobe needs to change with it.
  5. If you decide to use a personal shopper to help ease your wardrobing burdens, make sure that that person has a thorough understanding of the colors and styles that will flatter your body and make you look beautiful.

Stay tuned for my fourth and final resolution: Wardrobe Planning.

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